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•Who is allowed to visit Marie’s Crisis?

Since we are a bar, we are only allowed to admit entry to people of legal drinking age, 21 and above, with valid ID. 

Aside from that, no matter who you are, who you love, how you sing, or where you call home, you are welcome at Marie’s Crisis!

•Is there a ticketing/reservation process?

We do not sell tickets or take reservations at Marie’s Crisis. 

Our space is limited, so we can only legally allow so many people in to the bar at one time. 

If you are planning to bring a group, please keep in mind that you and your party may have to wait in line to get in if we have reached capacity when you arrive. 

Please also keep in mind that on more crowded nights, some of the tables and chairs may be removed from the space to make it easier for our guests and staff to move around- be prepared to stand! 

If your party requires seating, we will make our best effort to accommodate you while making sure all our guests are as safe and comfortable as possible.

•Is there a cover or drink minimum?

Marie’s Crisis does not charge a cover! 

We do, however, have a two-drink minimum per person, and we are a cash-only bar. 

Not drinking alcohol tonight? No problem! Sodas and juices are available for purchase as well.

As mentioned before, we are a cash-only bar. Our alcoholic beverages range from $7.00-$10.00 per single drink, and prices are even lower during happy hour! 

•When does the music happen?

We have pianists play every single night, from 6:00 p.m. until last call (3:00 a.m. Sun-Thurs; 3:30 a.m. Fri/Sat)!

•Is Marie’s Crisis an open mic?

Marie’s Crisis is an acoustic, showtunes-only, sing-along piano bar! 

It’s different from an open mic, because we have exactly zero microphones, no sources of amplification, and instead of patrons singing solos, our guests sing all together in imperfect, raucous harmony! 

We have many talented singers visit and work here, but you don’t have to be a performer to join the fun at Marie’s.

•Do you have a coat/bag check?

During the colder months, we do have a mandatory coat check for $1.00 per garment.

We understand that this policy may strike some as unusual, but our space is unusually cramped (and warm from the residual body heat!).

Our mandatory coat check keeps everyone comfortable — and keeps your belongings safe. 

(Oh, and FYI: Guests are encouraged to tip the employee working coat check!)

•Is it okay to take photos inside Marie’s Crisis? What about video or audio recordings?

Feel free to take flash-free photos of yourself and your friends at Marie’s Crisis! 

Please make sure that your camera’s flash is turned off, so your photo-worthy moment doesn’t affect the pianist’s ability to read their sheet music. 

Also, we ask that you do not take video or audio recordings inside Marie’s Crisis unless you have special, express permission from the pianist. 

We have this policy, because we want all our guests to feel free to sing without self-consciousness. 

Furthermore, Marie’s Crisis is a crowded, small space; we want to foster a culture of respect for one another, especially considering that Marie’s Crisis is also a historically LGBTQ+ space.

•What about tipping?

Like any other bar and music venue in the United States, the bar staff and musicians at Marie’s Crisis are tipped employees! 

Our friends abroad pay their service industry and professional artists differently, so we understand that our tipping culture may seem a little different at first. 

It is customary in bars to tip the bar staff member who serves you. 

It is customary in music venues to tip the musicians playing while you spend time listening to them play. 

Our pianist is tipped separately from the bar staff, who are all tipped individually. 

This policy is how we keep your drinks inexpensive and is how we stay in business without charging you a cover. 

We thank you for understanding!

•Can we dance inside Marie’s Crisis?

Unfortunately, our space is very small and can get cramped easily. 

We ask that you do not dance inside Marie’s Crisis so that we can create a safe and comfortable experience for all our guests and staff. 

•Marie’s Crisis is an old basement bar with a piano —Why are there so many rules?

There aren’t many businesses quite like us — communal singing, LGBTQ+ spaces, and musical theatre are all such special entities in short supply. 

We want to preserve the legacy of kindness, fun, respect, and freedom that has made Marie’s Crisis the New York City cultural institution that it has always been. 

Much like the vocal harmonies reverberating around our beloved basement, the spirit of Marie’s Crisis is kept alive by coming together. 

We can’t wait for you to sing along with us!

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