Covid Safety

Here are some of the precautions we are taking to ensure the safety of our customers and staff

Air Filtration

1) MERV-13 air filters have been installed which remove airborne viruses including COVID-19

2) UV-C light air filters are installed which also circulate air and kill airborne viruses including COVID-19

Social Distancing

1) Patrons will be seated with their parties only and will be separated by either a 6 foot distance or a physical barrier.

2) We will also utilize a "virtual queue" system. Customers will leave their name and phone number with the Host and we will text you to return when a table is available. There will be no physical queue outside the building.


1) There will be no seating at the piano

2) A barrier has been installed to allow the pianist to sing without creating a potential for community spread and to protect them from the same


1) No seating will be allowed at the bar

2) A barrier has been installed to provide protection to the bartender and to protect the food and drink from contamination

3) The bartender will have limited interaction with customers to prevent cross contamination and service will be at the table only by our serving staff

4) Disposable cups and plates will be utilized. No glassware will be used

Personal Protection

1) All customers will have a temperature check upon entry. Staff will also have a temperature check prior to starting their shift

2) Masks will be required whenever a customer is standing to use the bathroom, tip or enter and exit. Standing is not permitted at any other time. 

3)Masks will be encouraged when singing 

4) A online menu QR code is provided to prevent passing of physical menus.

5) Customers will be issued a check at the end of their stay instead of the usual pay per round to reduce the exchange of money 

6) Parties will be seated only with those within their own group. Table limits will follow current State guidelines.


1) Tables will be fully disinfected between seatings 

2) Common areas and serving areas will be disinfected at least once per shift and as needed. Cleanings will be logged in compliance with State guidelines.

Upstairs Seating Area

We also have a seating area upstairs, separate from the rest of the bar for customers who would prefer to sit away from others but still enjoy the space. This area also has TV showing the piano and UVC light filter.


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Walk Thru

Walk Thru of the space with Covid precautions


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